Connections Happen

in the

Dream Vault!


    Your Dream Biz Can Grow through the Dream Vault!


Not only will you be able to socialize and make great connections in the Dream Vault but you will also find a variety of tools to get help you jump start your business  or to push you over the hurdles that may be holding your growth back. Our educational opportunities will guide you through every step before you start your business, assist you in taking steps to move forward and show you how to ,dream that dream and go further than you could ever imagine!

Some of the gold you can look forward to mining each month:

  • Weekly Living the Dream Golden Nuggets Newsletter, where you can glean nuggets of wisdom for your business.

  • Membership in the Facebook Group

  • Living the Dream Business Magazine, published every other month covers current 'hot' business topics. 

  • Check lists to make sure you covered everything on your landing page, email templates to content creation. The list is endless!

  • A variety of E-Books discussing the fundamentals of business from automation tools to staying visible to whatever you need to know.

  • Quick, easy, self-paced classes to keep you moving forward in your business. 

  • Finally, what fun is there if we don't have a Surprise Grab bag of assorted nuggets!

Welcome to the Dream Vault where there is nothing better then taking a quick 'time out' with other entrepreneurs, grabbing a few Golden Nuggets and having a great conversation about business. 


Connections happen in the Dream Vault because people are intentional when they meet. Connections are what makes us feel a part of something bigger than ourselves. And you never know who you might meet in the Dream Vault, they could become your best friend, your boss, business partner or supporter.

If you are like most of us, there are times where a quick conversation, bouncing an idea or two off someone else, or where you can seek and find an educational resource you greatly need. That's why the Dream Vault becomes a great resource and a great place to step into; a place to try out some of your ideas, receive feedback or opinions; that special place worth your weight in gold to create relationships, formconnections and collaborations or to simply help others through your expertise.

You are welcome to check us out, stay as long as you like, help as many as you are willing and allow others to help and build you in a supportive business minded community.