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It’s time to STOP worrying about the little things in your business.  Let’s put you on the fast track to move forward in the right direction to grow your business.  Yes, you get unstuck from any plateau you’re on right now! It’s time to put your business to work 24/7 without you, while you take back the hours to enjoy your family, friends, and adventures you want in your life.

Biz Marketer SMARTER framework will give you the foundation to create YOUR EMPIRE by the end of 4 months that you can

RINSE, REPEAT, utilize again and again and again.  These STEP-BY-STEP processes take you into the world of success and growth without busting your budget.  While this is a roll-up-your-sleeve process you will put everything into place through your hands-on learning that you are able to repeat over and over again to grow exponentially.

Every business has the biggest challenge to find and attract its customers. Many fail simply for the lack of marketing strategy, lead magnets, and targeting their best audience.  Often, they spin their wheels and money with “Ads” that don’t work no ROI, and continue to chase shiny objects.   With BIZ MARKETING SMARTER framework, you will know the in's and out's which will help you in the future.


It’s time to take your business into an EMPIRE, get back your time and put your business to work 24/7 without you. 

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Course 1 ~ You're Great Idea!

Each GREAT IDEA deserves to be brought out to help others! Yet the truth is, just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will automatically come! 

There are many questions to be asked and answered to get your GREAT Idea to where it is an exploding business.

Biz Marketing SMARTER framework will put in place the following:

  • Identify an existing problem in the marketplace

  • Identify the ideal client looking for your solution; who you want to work with

  • Solve the problem, while formulating your value preposition

While creating your credibility, authority, and audience trust they will come to know you for.

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Course 2 ~ You're the Magnet!

Your audience is looking for instant help or gratification. With the right Lead Magnet, you are giving them instant help and value while becoming visible, attracting your best audience and building your creditability.  This is where your audience gets to see who you truly are and why you are important to them.  This is the beginning of your audience to build a lasting relationship that could easily take you viral with everything set appropriately. 

In this portion of the process you will put in place the following:

·  Create your lead magnet, basically your ethical bribe to build your

   list of subscribers, after all the money is in the list.

   Locate where your best audience is, where they hang out, and target 

   what they are searching for. 

·  Build your framework of creditability, authority, and becoming a

   resource for your best audience.

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Course 3 ~ You Got Mail!

EMAIL IS NOT DEAD! As you build your email list it’s important to provide value and consistently be in front of your best audience.  This is exactly why now is the time to set it and let it work for you, automation!  Let’s make it easier for you to tap into the online consumer and let your business work 24/7 without you!

​In this portion you will put in place the following:

·  Create an online presence through a personalized landing page  

·  Capture your hot leads via opt-in automation to convert to a sale

·  Develop an email marketing campaign to nurture those who have

   raised their hands for your solutions and build a greater relationship.


Course 4 ~ Spotlight on You!

RIGHT NOW, is your time to find your best audience or your IDEAL client! Wondering how? You will become visible, build your creditability, your authority, and stand out from the rest!

​In this portion you will put in place the following:

  • You will know which social media platform is best for you and your audience

  • You will know what method is best to utilize to get in front of your audience.

  • You will create an email campaign to nurture your audience to build a more responsive relationship benefiting your audience as well as your business. 

Course Total $7000

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For those who are all in and want to explode their business potential, we want to honor your commitment to yourself and offer all four courses at a $200 discount. 


Consider it a gift from me to your DreamBIZ Success towards Living The Dream Business!

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