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The Biz Tribe is an exclusive group of entrepreneurs already well on their way to achieving greater success.


Now that you have all systems in place, now what?  We have heard from so many business owners how marketing and staying visible is difficult, and that is the one area they need help with. 

What if as businesses, we joined forces and worked together to collaborate, to mentor, to be mentored, to lead, to follow, all the while creating a momentum within our DreamBIz business.

You are probably aware of the proverb "many hands make light work" from Sir Bevis of Hampton, it was used to describe that the more workers that work together, the easier a difficult task becomes.  

With this in mind, let's make being an entrepreneur easier by collaborating and joining forces with one another.  Submit your application, you will receive an email with further information and to next steps.


Exclusive Membership
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  • Must have completed at least 3 of the five prerequisite courses and have your business ready to take off.

  • Participation in a minimum of one contest per month is expected, for the purpose of driving traffic and list building.  

  • The entire list received through the monthly contest will be shared only with 'active' participating group members.

  • We will review the analytics with 'active' members. 

  • Each member will work with others in the group, as far as, providing insight and/or positive suggestions to help each other to continue to grow. 

  • Opportunity to teach a class or webinar within this elite group for the purpose of review and group feedback.

  • Members within the group will be held accountable to meet each deadline for contest and product review.  

  • Each member will be expected to sign a non-compete for your business/product, as well as, the business/product of others.

  • Participate in the Facebook LTD BIZ TRIBE chat room, for members who wish to stay connected with the business team.

  • Join in on weekly Zoom meeting specifically geared to the LTD BIZ TRIBE

Email Surprise Bonuses:

Special Surprise Bonuses on various business necessities.   


Per Month


10% Discount Paid in Full


2 Payments

Successful Work Team

Together, we will reach success, faster!