Join the LTD Biz TRIBE

$6,000.00 Annual Membership

This is a speciality membership to further the work achieved

through the LTD Affiliate course.   

Membership is optional upon completion of  all 3 of the

LTD Affiliate Courses will provide you with the necessities

to continue growing your business on a solid foundation.

This is a fast moving hand on working membership.

All others are encouraged to submit your application for admission.  

The Biz TRIBE is an highly decisive membership ready to take action and hold each other accountable to reach the higher set goals.   

  • A minimum requirement to participate in 1 contest per month for the purpose of driving traffic and list building.  

  • The entire list received through the monthly contest will be shared only with active group members.

  • All Contest's results will review the analytics. 

  • Each member will work with others in the group as far as providing insight and/or positive suggestions to help each other to continue to grow. 

  • Opportunity to teach a class or webinar within group for purpose of review, receive group feedback and implement improvement. 

  • Weekly Q & As to review each members readiness to continue to build and discuss the necessities of the next contest. 

  • Members within the group will be held accountable to meet each deadline set for contest and product review.  

  • You will be expected to sign a non-compete for the protection of your product as well as the product of every member within the membership. 

  • Be sure to join the LTD Biz TRIBE private group

  • A weekly zoom meeting every Wednesday 11:30 to 12:15-12:30 (central) ​


All Q&As must be in posted in the group by 12:00 noon every Friday for the next week's show.

Email Surprise Bonuses:

Special Surprise Bonuses on various business necessities.   

Split Payment Opportunity: 

3 consecutive payments (first 3 months)  of $2,334.00

One single payment of $6000.00

an immeidate discount of $1,000.00

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